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7524Workshop – Learning from Managed Business Failures
09:00 - 17:00
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Registration fee: €50 Number of places limited!

Workshop – Learning from Managed Business Failures

In this workshop we will transform ideas into actual products and show how to build an effective contemporary company around them. Participants will be divided into teams who will have eight hours to create product concepts, prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs) and develop business models, presentations, packaging, marketing materials, etc. These activities will be accompanied by delicious food, communication, cooperation, tension, blood, sweat and tears, as well as a discussion on the qualities of the flexible company of the future and how to develop them.

What makes this workshop special and why should you participate?

The training model and learning format being used are unique in Estonia and participants will have an opportunity to be part of something completely different.

The workshop will be taking place in a very exciting setting – the undiscovered nooks and crannies of the Creative Hub, wherein few have set foot – and offers you the opportunity to:

hear about examples of the failures and triumphs of successful companies;

meet other up-and-coming entrepreneurs;

delve into the minds of modern entrepreneurs; and

participate in our trial workshop on special conditions.

Who should participate and why?

This workshop is open to both new and experienced entrepreneurs as well as people who simply have an idea for a product/service.

We want to show you that the launching and rapid development of new ideas and their implementation in business have nothing to do with your marital status, social background or grandmother’s inheritance. Everything is possible if you have the right mindset and good ideas.

Once you have completed the workshop you will:

understand that creating new things and making them a reality is not something complicated or unattainable;

have ideas on how to transform even places like your local car repair shop or hair salon into contemporary, sustainable businesses;

have seen how contemporary technology (e.g. 3D printers, CNC benches and lasers) can be used to create and develop new products in minutes;

understand that having an idea is good, but turning it into reality is even better;

have gained a number of new methods, ideas and tools for developing or optimising your company or even to launch an entirely new business;

have heard stories of failure and success and met industrious new people; and

have created a product with your team that shows what you are truly capable of. This in turn will serve as a springboard for your current and future ideas.

You can compare the results of different approaches and business strategies in real time.


This workshop is based on Elamuslabor’s Hack&Go creative design and team-building training. Taking into account our clients’ feedback, we decided to create a workshop that is aimed at people who are solely interested in entrepreneurship that counters the prejudices and outdated ways of thinking that are common in our business landscape.


Participants must be aware that they are guinea pigs and be ready to provide structured feedback, as this event is the trial launch of a new product. Consequently, tickets currently cost as little as €50 (instead of the regular price of €350). At the moment, the number of places is limited to just 15 lucky people.