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5427Kultuurikatel presents: Talk “The Future of Fashion: Sustainability is a Must*” by Giulia Massarenti (Spain/Italy)
18:00 - 19:30

Free entrance.

Kultuurikatel presents: Talk “The Future of Fashion: Sustainability is a Must*” by Giulia Massarenti (Spain/Italy)

Starting from the idea that fashion can help the society to produce revolutions (see the fall decline of the corset in the Victorian age, or the use of the trousers for by women), the talk will demonstrate that a big change in the Fashion System is no longert an utopian concept anymore. Through her experience in non-sustainable companies, Giulia Massarenti will share little tricks onto making ae the difference in the daily routine and suggest some ways ofto working in a more sustainable and fair environment. To show that a big change is truly possible, she will give some examples of her research about sustainable brands and companies in fashion and some examples of the philosophy of the pioneers of eco-friendly fashion (Stella McCartney, Miroslava Duma, Kathaerine Hamnett, Giusy Bettoni).

* The title is meant to play with the concept of must, which is often used in fashion: must have of the season, that bag is a must, etc., turning it into something connected with sustainability instead of consumerism.

Giulia Massarenti was born in Italy in 1986. She studied Modern Literature at the University of Padua and Fashion Journalism and Communication at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Her passion for fashion brought her to many places around the world including: Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Paris, London and Tokyo. Giulia has worked as  a stylistic assistant and as a photo editor for some of the most important fashion magazines, including like Japanese and Spanish Vogue, LOVE, Hunger and Schön Magazine, and as a Public Relation and Showroom Manager for some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, like such as Ralph Lauren, Dior, Fendi and Givenchy. Giulia’s aim is to inspire people to take actions towards a fairer and more humane thinking in the fashion system.

Come and get inspired!

The talk will be held in English. Free entrance. 

All are welcome!

Information: Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee