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5698Heidi Uppa’s (Finland) talk about combining food with storytelling, experiences and visual communication
18:00 - 19:30

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Heidi Uppa’s (Finland) talk about combining food with storytelling, experiences and visual communication

Kultuurikatel presents: Talk “Exploring the future of food: combining food with storytelling, experiences and visual communication” by Heidi Uppa (Finland)

Food is a rather new topic within the field of design. As a fresh approach, food design is in the stage of defining and constantly developing itself – perhaps more than other fields of design. Thisat means challenges but also more opportunities and space for explorations. There is a need for to createing and supporting more sustainable lifestyles for the future and food certainly plays a major role therein this. However, it is equally important to maintain and develop versatile varied discussions so that we can keep the richness of our food cultures a live, expand our understanding ofn food and broaden our experiences around food. It’s important to have a positive approach in order to inspire and be inspired.

During this talk, Heidi Uppa will share her thoughts and approaches to food design though her personal journey from a graphic design to food and eating  related concept design and research. Most of her projects and works include aspects of storytelling. She has designed packages forto companies such as Fazer and been exploring food and packaging design as a cultural symbol and social bond between people. She will show how packages can tell stories to and about us on different levels – often also unconsciously. Through her installations and exhibitions, she has been approaching food related concepts through exploring food as a material, medium and inspiration. Heidi has also been organiszing different future and food related events and experimental courses and workshops in Aalto University and as a part of the Helsinki Design Week, and she will share her experiences on those.

Be inspired by food, design and stories about the explorations and processes behind the projects. This talk will change the way you will see the future and approach food!


Heidi Uppa

Designer & creative (MA, MISTD) specialised and interested in designing concepts, experiences, installations and experiments around food. Has a background in visual communication design, specialised in branding, concepts, visual identities and packaging design. Fifteen years of experience with commercial and social design projects in Finland, England and Russia. Has been working in several design agencies and as an entrepreneur for the last seven years as an entrepreneur. Besides the design work,  has during thein recent years  has also been lecturing and teaching at Aalto University, Helsinki.

Has been passionate about food, stories and beauty since her childhood. Interested in deepening our food-related understanding by utilising visual communication design, by exploring food as a as material for expression and communication, by developing new methods and tools, and by experimenting with future-oriented food ideas and concepts. Always curious to learn new skills and challengeing herself. Creating food inspired installations, organising different explorative design workshops, eating experiences and other activities as a part of her PhD research at the Media department in Aalto ARTS. The current title of the research is called “Expanding food understanding through visual communication design”. Dreaming about a sustainable, resource-efficient future with equal rights and opportunities for all to pursue their passions in life and with possibilities to enjoy amazing food experiences.


Time: Tuesday, 12 December 18:00—19:30

Place: Terrace Hall, Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn

In order to get to the Terrace Hall, enter the Creative Hub’s terrace near to the Energy Discovery Centre’s main entrance (Põhja pst 29). Walk straight on along the terrace and enter the Terrace Hall through the red door on the right. There are signs that make finding the Terrace Hall easier for visitors.


Come and get inspired!

The talk will be held in English. Free entrance.

All are welcome!


Information: Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee