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1131Mari Kooskora lecture “Chefs in Love and War” and Péter Kerekes film “Cooking History”
18:00 - 20:45

Ticket 4 euro

“Cooking History” (2009)

In her lecture “Kokad armastuses ja sõjas” (“Chefs in Love and War”) Mari Kooskora will speak about the role of food in love and war, food safety in our globalised world and ethical questions in the everyday life of military cooks. The lecture will be in Estonian.

Mari Kooskora is an Associate Professor at the Estonian Business School (EBS), a Director of the Business Ethics Centre and an editor-in-chief of the academic journal Journal of Management and Change.

Film “Cooking History” (Austria/Slovakia/Finland/Czech Republic, 2009, Péter Kerekes, 88 min)

6 wars, 10 receipes, 60 361 024 dead

Military cooks: While never mentioned in textbooks, they have shaped the course of history. Based on recollections and personal stories, the film takes a look behind “great
moments in time” and introduces a new angle on 20th century European history.

Tickets sold 30 minutes before the beginning of the film at the venue in cash only.

More information:
Trailer of the film “Cooking History”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuLDU7W7xl0

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