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5315Milky Chance – The Blossom Tour 2018
20:00 - 23:00
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Milky Chance – The Blossom Tour 2018

Performing at the Kultuurikatel on 13 February as part of The Blossom Tour 2018 will be German band Milky Chance.

Just 1299 tickets will go on sale for the show.


You never know who you’re going to meet on the first day of school. Sometimes you can end up being introduced to one of the best friends you’ll ever know. That was the case for Clemens and Philipp, a.k.a. Milky Chance. The Kassel, Germany duo met on an Advanced Music Course at the start of the eleventh grade, and they creatively gelled right off the bat. “On that first day, you’re looking around the classroom trying to see who’s cool and who’s not,” laughs Clemens. “We clicked though. It didn’t take long at all for us to notice that we got along great.”


Weaving together elegant electronic production with acoustic guitars and lilting, lush vocals, they harnessed a style unequivocally their own. Clemens put it best: “Think of it as the singer-songwriter spirit mixed with electronic beats. Somehow it’s always a little bit melancholy, but there’s a positive spin. You can dance to most of it, too! Melancholy is something that I carry within me. I write the best songs when this mood catches me.”

In 2013, in a tiny self-built studio where they didn’t need anything more than a rudimentary interface, microphone and computer, the guys recorded  their debut album, Sadnecessary. Released on the musicians’ own Lichtdicht Records label, it became a phenomenon.

The mixture of Rehbein’s husky vocals and subdued delivery with Dausch’s compelling, easily danceable beats took them on a global tour, winning multiple European music awards. The first single, Stolen Dance, has since amassed more than 320 million views on YouTube.

“There was never a plan,” Clemens continues. “We only played two shows before we decided to make the album. We never bought expensive studio equipment or even hired a producer. We did what we wanted and what felt good at that moment. We just wanted to record our music. We never thought it would go any further than that.”

Using nothing but their Facebook page to announce their shows, very soon Milky Chance were playing to sell-out crowds at venues that increased in size as the tour unfolded and more shows were added. This culminated in playing to a rapturous crowd of 7000 at Hamburg’s Dockville Festival – an experience Philipp describes as “insane”.


Blossom, the band’s second studio album, was released in March 2017. It’s an album that retains the essential vibes of Milky Chance, while expanding on them at the same time, with a genre that blends electronic, reggae and folk elements. Ultimately, because of their emotional expanse, Milky Chance’s songs resonate loudly with listeners everywhere.

“At the end of the day, we’re most happy when people discover our music for themselves and have fun at one of our concerts. It’s just great when they listen to a song and connect it to a personal experience. That’s the most amazing thing, and we’d love to encourage that.”


19:00 Doors
20:00 Concert
23:00 Curfew


No age restrictions

Wheelchair access (main entrance)