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04.12 - 05.12.17
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Moontec 2017

Moontec17 is the largest conference in Northern Europe that is , devoted to blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries.


Proudly hosted in Tallinn – the capital of Europe’s innovative technology. This year, we are inviting guests from all around the world to talk about the use of blockchain technology in the following industries:

• eCommerce

• Logistics

• Fintech

• AI

• IoT

• Supply Chain

• Cybersecurity

• Insurance

• Legal

• Advertising

• Public Sector

• Telecommunications

• Gaming

In August 2017, Estonia has made headlines with its proposal to issue the first ever government ICO – Estcoin. The interest towards blockchain in this country has never been higher. This is when the idea of the Moontec event was born.

At this event, we are gathering the brightest minds from various parts of the world, who are eager to drive the industry further. More importantly, our target audience is very well defined – people and companies, interested in the blockchain technology and its implementation in existing business processes.

The event will last for 2 days, and will be full of fruitful networking opportunities and insightful conference sessions. Speakers includerepresenting, though not limited to, the following will be present, but are:  not limited to: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Hyperledger, Consensys, e-Residency (Republic of Estonia), Change Bank, Lykke, KICKICO and others.