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8245Paul Kalkbrenner (GER) with his new programme Parts Of Life
20:00 - 23:00
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Paul Kalkbrenner (GER) with his new programme Parts Of Life

German live artist, electronic music producer and actor PAUL KALKBRENNER will perform his new live show Parts Of Life at Tallinn Creative Hub on Friday, 18 January.

The albums of German electronic music producer Paul Kalkbrenner are in the charts, he has devoted fans all over the world and has performed at international festivals – all this has made him a superstar of techno. Kalkbrenner is considered a live artist and not just a DJ because of the exciting structure of his performances, in which he breaks his creations into pieces so he can rebuild them in the live performances.

Kalkbrenner recently released his eighth studio album Parts of Life, which was a breakthrough for him. It is a deeply personal, regenerating, pure and raw embodiment of the magnificent sound of Paul’s techno. Listeners can enjoy this album ten years after the release of the multi-platinum Berlin Calling. This is a distinctive moment for the artist who for the last ten years has focused on conquering the charts and expanding the audience of this unique techno.

The German producer is not only a famous musician, but also an actor. Kalkbrenner starred in the film “Berlin Calling” and also wrote the music for the film. He is also considered a local hero because he has managed to bring his minimal electronic compositions out of the Berlin underground and introduce them to a broader audience, speaking to millions through his music and headlining at major festivals.

Kalkbrenner, who is in his forties, has produced and played electronic music at clubs since the reunification of Germany. He was born in East-Berlin and was only twelve years old when the wall fell. The youngster grew up in the midst of the city’s techno clubs, trying to create and perform his own music. Now he creates the live performances of his music by mixing the works of other artists with his own.

“The producer, who has stuck to the beaten track for years, knows what he’s doing. He uses methods characteristic of pop electronics his work, weaving instruments and vocals into his pieces and creating rather unpredictable moments of culmination. All the tracks try to make listeners forget themselves,” wrote the ERR in its review of Kalkbrenner’s recent album Parts Of Life.

The extremely polished productions of Kalkbrenner are full of energy and help the listener escape the everyday trials, steering them towards art, ecstasy, hope and love. This year, Kalkbrenner performed at the Belgian dance music festival Tomorrowland, where some fans were carrying signs saying that Paul was their personal therapist.


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