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2967Sabaton (SWE) & Accept (GER)


The largest metal music show in Estonia in 2017 Sabaton (SWE) and Accept (GER) on one stage on 25 February!

On 25 February 2017 two heavyweights of metal music – Sabaton and Accept – will perform together in Tallinn Culture Hub. The Swedish power metal group Sabaton is starting their tour, “The Last Tour”, and has asked German heavy metal legend Accept to come along as guests.

Pär Sundström, Sabaton’s bassist, said that the band just finished work on their new album, The Last Stand. “We know we made a great album that our fans will enjoy for years and years – but only time will tell if it’s our best album…” said Sundström, adding: If it is the best album of us, time will tell…” said Sundström, adding: “But what we can say for sure is that The Last Tour will be the biggest and best Sabaton tour ever. It is the tour we have been looking forward to doing all these years!”

The Swedish power-metal band Sabaton was founded in 1999 and has been nominated for the Grammis Award (the Swedish Grammys). The band recorded their first demos at the legendary Abyss studio with producer Peter Tägtren (Pain, Hypocrisy) at the controls. Sabaton’s demo compilation Fist of Fight came out in 2001 under the record label Underground Symphony. Their debut studio album Primo Victoria was released in 2005. Their debut album drew inspiration from various battles, including the battle of Stalingrad.

Sabaton – “To Hell & Back”

Sabaton – “Coat of Arms”

Sabaton – “40:1”

Sabaton – “Attero Dominatus”

Accept – “Stampede”

Accept – “Teutonic Terror”

Accept – “Pandemic”

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