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2787Workshop and talk by Sofie Svare Fischer (Denmark)

A ticket (1 EUR) to the Tallinn Vegan Fair has to be purchased separately at the front door.

Participation fee of Sofie Svare Fischer workshop is 15 EUR.

Workshop and talk by Sofie Svare Fischer (Denmark)

Workshop “Raw Love Chocolate Workshop” by Sofie Svare Fischer (Denmark)

Time: Saturday, 5 November 11.3014.30

Place: Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27a, FoodLab


Hands-on experience and tasting of High Vibrational Raw Chocolate and Energising Superfoods.

Learn how to make Raw Love Chocolate and how to use energising superfoods in easy-to-make recipes.


The workshop includes:

-Introduction to Raw Living Food – How to energise yourself with High Vibrational Foods

-Superfood basics

-How to combine ingredients for highly nutritional and easy-to-make recipes (hands-on)

-Superfood tasting session

-Making of nut milk

-Chia pudding

You get a set of Raw Love superfood chocolates to bring home and a set of recipes for highly nutritious raw chocolate making.


BONUS: Recipe for the famous “Raw Tribe” Green Spirit Chlorella Cream dessert so healthy and irresistible.

The workshop will be held in English. Participation fee is 15 EUR. A ticket (1 EUR) to the Tallinn Vegan Fair has to be purchased separately at the front door.

Due to the limited seating availability, pre-registration is required. Pre-register till 3 November by email at dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee. You can purchase tickets at the door  (FoodLab) with cash only, and according to the pre-registration list. Please come with exact change when attending the workshop. People without registration may participate only if space is available.


Talk “Vegan Entrepreneurship and Promoting Natural Living – Getting Closer to Nature” by Sofie Svare Fischer (Denmark)

Time: Saturday, 5 November 16.0017.00

Place: Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27a, Loft Hall


The talk includes information about the raw food cafe The Raw Tribe, the first raw food restaurant in Copenhagen, and its current concepts: Raw Love Cakes and  “Living Earth – Healthy Living Made Easy”. Living Earth is a superfood café concept that will be launched in Copenhagen in December 2016.

Natural Vibes is all about promoting natural living to create a positive change by getting closer to nature and promoting a healthy way of living. Natural Vibes inspires, educates and motivates through networking, sharing positive messages to uplift, touch lives and grow people’s inner strength.

The talk will be held in English. A ticket (1 EUR) to the Tallinn Vegan Fair has to be purchased separately at the front door.

All are welcome!


The workshop and talk are being held in the framework of Tallinn Vegan Fair. The Tallinn Vegan Fair is organised by the Estonian Vegan Society, Loomus, Loomade Nimel and Kultuurikatel.



Sofie is a certified living and raw food chef and designer, a holistic living instructor, and has been a dedicated vegan for 20 years. She is the founder of Raw Love Cakes, a raw food cake brand; a natural living blogger; a natural vibes and cocoa lover; and is passionate about natural living, yoga and African dance. She is well-known for her dedicated teaching about natural foods that nourish the body and mind, her creativity and her positive spirit.

In a country like Denmark, where the percentage of meat production and consumption is one of the highest in the world, Sofie has always been at the front lines to promote veggies’ power and to teach people about their secrets. Therefore now, after years of practice, dedication and development she decided to start up Raw Love Cakes, the best and only top class raw cakes production, with the finest style and the most nutritious organic raw foods and superfoods. Raw Love Cakes are raw vegan, organic, gluten free, dairy free, and contain no refined sugar. And each piece is the result of inner happiness, creativity and unconditional love.

The production of the Raw Love Cakes will be a part of the “Living Earth” cafe opening up in December in a central spot in Copenhagen. Currently she is working on starting up and promoting healthy lifestyle through the Natural Vibes Blog with Richard Ohene Swum a.k.a. Mantse Superfly. Natural Vibes’ mission is to educate, inspire, inform, and connect people to create a positive change.



Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee