Organizer Lavainimesed OÜ
3830SONGS OF ARIEL concert performance by the NUKU Choir
19:00 - 20:10
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Adults €12. Pupils, students, pensioners €10. Group tickets for 4+ people €10/ticket. Special needs client/carer €10.

SONGS OF ARIEL concert performance by the NUKU Choir

SONGS OF ARIEL is a manifestation of the spring madness of the NUKU Choir in the timeless footsteps of Juhan Viiding and William Shakespeare.

Ariel is the spirit of air in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, whose lines were used by Swiss composer Frank Martin (1890-1974) for some wonderful theatrical songs.

Ariel is like an omnipotent delusion or obsession, or a playful promise – anyone lucky enough to have him in their possession wanted to keep him forever, but still had to let him go (sounds like an opera, right?). During the concert, Ariel manages to free himself from his shackles, so we can promise you a happy ending. Jarmo Reha (NO99) speaks to Ariel as the protagonist (as the one who temporarily captured him or as Prospero?). NUKU Choir sings as Ariel or a delusion or a whim.

The programme includes F. Martin, V. Tormis, A. Janson, A. Pärt, T. Tulev, D. Hallmägi

Stage Director: Reeda Toots

Conductor: Saale Kreen

Doors open at 18:45

Duration 1 hour 10 minutes

Taking photos or filming is prohibited