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29.04 - 03.05.15
18:00 - 19:00
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Your design works designathon

We’re back in Tallinn and this time in Tallinn Creative Hub!

Join the one and only DESIGNATHON in the region – a weekend long event to challenge yourself to design a website in 48 hours!

As always we have great MENTORS and also great PRIZES for the best teams.

What we’ll cover:
– Essentials of great design
– Who is your target user & why you need to know that
– The basic process of designing layouts for a website
– The process of validating your designs
– The process of taking your wireframes to high-fidelity designs
– The role of branding in design
– Tools & resources for an efficient web design
– How to work with clients and with other designers

This is a practical workshop, experienced design professionals share their tips and tricks and guide YOU to design a targeted and functional website from ground up.

What you need:
– a laptop
– a weekend from your busy schedule
– a ticket (Eventbrite link above)

Get your tickets until they last!

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