The Cauldron Hall


The Cauldron Hall is an imposing high-ceilinged room featuring two steam boilers which are under protection. The Cauldron Hall is located on the ground floor of block A of the building.

  • Total usable area 700 m2.
  • The hall is 28 m long, 23 m wide and 16.5 m high.
  • For gala-type events the hall can hold about 200 people, for theatrical events about 250, and for events without a seating option the count is approx. 700 people. The capacity varies depending on the location and positioning of the stage, tables, and chairs.
  • Suitable for arranging numerous events – concerts, galas, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and more.

The Cauldron Hall, layout

The Cauldron Hall, galas, 170 people

The Cauldron Hall, galas, 140 people

The Cauldron Hall, concerts, 340 people

The Cauldron Hall, fashion shows, 448 people

The Cauldron Hall, weak current