Interior solutions devised for Creative Hub among nominees for annual prize

The 22 nominees for the annual prize of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects were unveiled recently, with four winners and two honourable mentions being announced shortly thereafter.

A total of 55 entries had been submitted for the competition by its 31 May deadline. The winners were selected by a five-member jury comprising interior architect Päivi Meuronen (Finland) and architect Villem Tomiste, interior architects Jan Graps and Rene Safin and art historian Krista Kodres (Estonia).

“The diversity of the entries reflected the position we find ourselves in today, in that we’re reaching a point where quality in interior space goes without saying,” Tomiste remarked. “The number of entries and the fact they covered every aspect of the spectrum highlighted the need to seek or construct the very nature of integral space in interior architecture. Directly experiencing these amazing interiors on a sunny summer’s day out with the other members of the jury revealed modern interior architecture to be a process tinged with piety – it touches on renovation, further construction of both old and brand new environments as well as buildings that come across as complete spatial laboratories.”

Among the nominees for the 2018 prize were two interior solutions devised for the Creative Hub (listed in chronological order of submission of the entries): the Creative Fuel office spaces (Tomomi Hayashi, Mari Põld, Ahti Grünberg & Tõnis Kalve); and the spaces created for Estonia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union (Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla and Urmo Vaikla [Vaikla Studio] & Mikk Meelak [Platvorm] with Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Kaia Tungal, Kadri Tikerpuu and Elo-Liis Parmas [Vaikla Studio] & Raul Kalvo, Marti Kaljuvee, Mikk Pärast, Andreas Wagner and Agnes Ratas [Platvorm]).

For further information see: https://kultuur.err.ee/857863/selgusid-sisearhitektide-liidu-aastapreemia-nominendid