Organizer Estonian Glass Artists’ Union
5986Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union Cold-Hot
10.11 - 10.12.17
12:00 - 17:00

Admission is free.

Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union Cold-Hot

This year 80 years have passed since the birth of professional Estonian glass art. The Estonian Glass Artists’ Union has decided to celebrate this in the building that spurred the development of the glass industry and also glass art. Installations and objects inspired by crisp cold or scorching heat.

Everything around us and inside us can be measured on the scale of cold and hot. We often look at a thermometer and listen to weather forecasts to decide what we should do to keep warm. Heat retention is also the first thing we think about when we choose or design our living environment. However, it must be the opposite in the south, where people try to keep cool. The spectrum of colours that surrounds us and influences us fluctuates between cold and warm shades. Our relationships with our partners or surroundings may range from biting cold to burning heat. We need energy, which is generated by the process of burning, to withstand freezing, indifference, illness or the cooling of passion. Similar to nature, this also occurs in the metabolism of people. We need huge thermal power plants and natural resources to surround ourselves with warmth. We must be our own power plants to keep our body and soul warm. Or the other way round – we need coolness, sometimes even frost, to keep ourselves from burning, drying or exploding, and this is how we balance between cold and hot.

Kairit Annus, Sofi Aršas, Michael Behrens, Elisabeth Brosterhus and Burkhard Meyer, Wilfried Grootens, Piret Ellamaa, Simone Frezer, Malle Karik-Hallimäe, Riho Hütt, Kati Kerstna, Kai Kiudsoo-Värv, Eve Koha, Kai Koppel, Ivo Lill, Kairi Orgusaar, Rait Prääts, Torsten Rötzsch, Tiina Sarapu, Kalli Sein, Eili Soon, Kersti Vaks and Martina Zilles take part in the exhibition.

Curator of the exhibition and the conference: Sofi Aršas

Designer: Riina Degtjarenko

Graphic design: Piret Räni

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday from 12-17.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment and the Ministry of Culture.