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8420Intensive masterclass in public speaking: ‘Speaking Skills for Tech People’
07.11 - 14.11.18
09:30 - 16:30
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Intensive masterclass in public speaking: ‘Speaking Skills for Tech People’

This intensive two-day masterclass in public speaking will prove indispensable to any professional who needs to get up and speak in front of others – whether that be in a meeting or on the stage at an international conference.

Passing on his skills in this area will be Gleb Maltsev, who is known in the world of start-ups as one of the most charismatic and successful presentation trainers in the region.

The training will take place in the inspiring atmosphere of the Creative Hub. The ticket price includes coffee breaks and lunches on both days. The masterclass will be split over consecutive Wednesdays. As such, the participants will have an entire week between sessions to analyse the information they have heard and put it into practice.

Who is Gleb Maltsev

Gleb has worked with hundreds of engineers and helped them become the best presenters they can be. Some of them create software that runs entire factories; others construct drones and underwater equipment for oil rigs. There have even been a couple of engineers who have turned centuries-old industrial sites into modern urban environments.

Gleb has trained hundreds of managers to give presentations at such international events as the Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo, and electronics and start-up founders to pitch at conferences like Slush, Latitude59, TechChill and LOGIN.

Gleb has also helped designers whose walls are covered in awards to get their message across to their clients. Moreover, he has worked with scientists who have dedicated their lives to the study of insects, metals, timber or our genetic make-up and helped them break out of their scientific shell to explain the complicated things they do in an understandable way to ordinary people.

Most importantly, Gleb has trained himself. By listening to other people’s stories, rewriting them and presenting them at every training session he opens himself up to listeners. He works hard to ensure that others can grow and develop by doing the same.

Gleb is also a cat-lover.

Gleb speaks excellent Estonian and Russian, but the language he uses most often in his work – and the working language of the masterclass – is English. However, anyone who wishes to contribute something during the event or put their presentation skills to the test can do so in their own language.

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops –until you stand up to speak in public.”

(George Jessel)

What will the masterclass focus on?

  • How to talk about technical things to people who are not familiar with them
  • How to concentrate on what is most important and not get bogged down in the details
  • How to present and defend your ideas in team meetings without more charismatic people simply talking over the top of you
  • How to deal with meeting clients and selling them something however much of an introvert you may be
  • How to assume authority in communication when you are a specialist who has become a manager
  • How to speak at an international conference or before the management board of your company
  • How to speak to potential clients at trade fairs and win their attention within 30 seconds
  • How to earn your first million if you have a world-changing idea for a start-up and there is a well-known investor at the table next to you in a café
  • And most importantly, considering surveys have shown that people’s number-one fear is public speaking (followed in second place by dying): How to get over your initial fear of speaking in public

For more information see  www.elamuslabor.ee.