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3663Talk “Ethics and sustainability in design” by Katcha Bilek (UK). Moderated Q&A session by Reet Aus.
14:00 - 15:45
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Talk “Ethics and sustainability in design” by Katcha Bilek (UK). Moderated Q&A session by Reet Aus.

Tallinn Creative Hub and Tallinn Business Incubators present:

Talk “Ethics and sustainability in design: Innovation and purpose, challenges and obstacles” by Katcha Bilek (UK). Moderated Q&A session by Reet Aus, a fashion, theatre and film designer, and a founder of the Laboratory for Sustainable Design at the Estonian Art Academy, after the talk.


Katcha Bilek will speak about 

1. Journey to becoming a fashion designer and entrepreneur: we are all individuals and one cannot expect to follow a set pattern. Embrace your individuality (as I have learned to!).

2. Inspiration through upcycling: the pros and cons of designing with and re-using materials.

3. Activism in design: Ethics and sustainability are fundamental.

4. Relevance, purpose and transparency in the superficial world of fashion: How can we make a change in an industry that has a reputation for frivolity?


Katcha Bilek

With her zero-waste attitude, Katcha Bilek has been pioneering eco-design and eco-fashion long before the terms had been coined. After living an interesting yet frugal life (living & travelling in a self-converted 1960s fire-engine) Katcha settled down in 2008 to start her family and her sustainable fashion accessories business. Both are flourishing. She’s a recognised designer in her field and uses her position not only to create beautiful designs but also to make a difference to social and environmental issues in fashion.

Katcha Bilek: “I am a designer and multi-disciplinary sculptor with a strong emphasis on sustainability, recycling and the environment. My work engages with three crucial and interlinked concerns of our age – consumption, production and waste. Using discarded industrial materials, I comment, with humour, on issues within capitalist production culture, while keeping waste materials out of landfill. Waste materials from industry are some of the most environmentally problematic on a global scale, and my practice draws attention to this. As an artist and designer, my focus is on making a positive contribution by engaging with environmental and social causes.”

Get inspired / www.katchabilek.com / www.reetaus.com

The talk and discussion will be held in English. Free entrance, but pre-registration is required: http://bit.ly/2lXbBlX

All are welcome!


The talk is organised in collaboration between Tallinn Creative Hub and Tallinn Business Incubators.

Enterprise Estonia is supporting the talk through the project „Developing Tallinn Creative Incubator and providing high-quality diverse supportive services to starting businesses“ (EU49110).


Information: Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee