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5375Kultuurikatel presents: Talk “Normalising Veganism — The Glasgow Experience” by Craig Tannock (Scotland)
13:15 - 14:15
A ticket (1 EUR) to the Tallinn Vegan Fair 2017 has to be purchased separately at the front door.

Kultuurikatel presents: Talk “Normalising Veganism — The Glasgow Experience” by Craig Tannock (Scotland)

Craig Tannock has been running music venues in Glasgow since the early 90s, and incorporating vegan kitchens since 1994. It has been a long and interesting journey with many challenges along the way. The business now operates six 100% vegan café/bar/venues, having and recently opened a new venture in Leith, Edinburgh. The venues have become an important part of Scotland’s cultural and vegan infrastructure, with one of the venues, Mono, currently holding the title of Glasgow’s Favourite Business. 

Craig will share his story, examine lessons learned, explore insights that are hopefully useful to aspiring vegan business owners, and outline his plans for the future.

The talk will be held in English.

All are welcome!


The talk is being held in the framework of Tallinn Vegan Fair 2017. The fair is organised by the Estonian Vegan Society, Loomus animal advocacy organisation and the Loomade Nimel animal rights movement.

The main sponsor of the event is the local organic juice manufacturer HeyDay Organic Eesti. The fair is supported by Kultuurikatel, the Mulieres brand of organic cleaning products, Svenska Bioforce AB Estonia branch and the “Biomaket – so healthy and happy” retailer and wholesaler of organic products.


Information: Dagmar Kase / dagmar.kase@kultuurikatel.ee / +372 58 874 921 / www.kultuurikatel.ee