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8751North Star AI, Machine Learning Conference for Developers
08:00 - 18:00
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North Star AI, Machine Learning Conference for Developers

North Star AI – How data builds intelligence into your systems

North Star AI is a technology conference focusing on the technical aspects of data science and machine learning. Two parallel sessions will cover data platforms, algorithms, tools and models, and discuss how to solve the hardest problems that exist in organising and analysing massive, noisy data sets.

Featuring 15+ international AI superstar speakers; 500+ developers, tech leaders, data scientists and product people; a full day of two parallel sessions, followed by an AI-themed party.

You’ll get answers to the following questions:

* How can machine learning be applied to your business problems?

* How can better machine learning systems be designed?

* How can cost reduction or revenue increase be achieved with machine learning?

The main goal of North Star AI is to connect the best developers, engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders.


Practitioners from Google DeepMind, Spotify, Netflix, Taxify, Starship, Lyft, and more! See the full list: https://aiconf.tech/speakers


The topics range from data engineering to meta-learning with applications in speech recognition, text processing, healthcare, transportation, deliveries, music, movies, and so on. You’ll get a full stack overview of the state of the art in machine learning and data science, and meet the best and the brightest in the field.

Experts from leading companies will present solutions about:

* Human-Centric ML infrastructure;

* The Internet of Intelligent Things;

* Data Visualisation;

* Speech Recognition technology stack;

* Deep Learning;

* Meta-Learning and Meta-Reinforcement Learning;

* Self-driving;

* Recurrent Neural Network.


* Propel your career to new heights with a full day of in-person ML & data science talks that deliver insight and training on new tools and techniques.

* See behind the scenes of leading companies applying ML & data science and learn from industry leaders about data-related case studies.

* Get access to local and international tech talent who work on the same or similar issues.

* Essentials for enjoying the day: a delicious breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea/drinks, and entertainment.

North Star AI is powered by Taxify, Proekspert, Starship Technologies, Monese, Veriff.

If you are interested in a partnership, drop us a line at: triin@aiconf.tech