Organizer Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, Tallinn Music Week
6796Seminar: ‘Big Data in the Work of NGOs’
12:30 - 17:00

Free admission. Registration opens on 19 March. The number of places is limited.

Seminar: ‘Big Data in the Work of NGOs’

The Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation invites everyone to attend the ‘Big Data and Sustainable Development: Paving the Way towards a Sustainable Future’ seminar. The objective of the seminar is to introduce to NGOs the possibilities of using big data and to give them advice on ways they could use big data in their work.

How can we use big data to improve our operations and measure their impact? This question has emerged in many areas in the last few years and will remain with us in the future. Using a variety of data in the private sector has become an everyday thing but is still relatively new among NGOs.

Initial programme


The first session is for specialists who use big data in their everyday work. They will talk about their activities and answers the following questions: What is big data? How can big data be used to achieve sustainable development goals? And how can big data be used to solve humanitarian aid and development cooperation problems?

13:45-14:00 Break


The panel will focus on the context of Estonia and include representatives of various sectors involved in the use of big data and development cooperation. The discussion will answer the following questions: Why use big data in the area of development cooperation in Estonia? How do NGOs use big data in foreign countries? And where should we start?

15:15-15:45 Lunch


Workshops will give each NGO the opportunity to learn how they can better plan and carry out their activities with the help of big data. All attendees will learn something new and acquire practical skills in looking for and using big data. We only use open data (i.e. data accessible to everyone free of charge) in the examples. Participation in the workshops does not require prior technical knowledge: ordinary computer skills are sufficient.

The seminar will he held in English and admission is free. Registration opens on 19 March and the number of places is limited.

The organisers of the seminar are the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and Tallinn Music Week. The event is being supported by the European Commission.