Organizer Estonian Centre of Architecture
09.09 - 20.09.15


The fourth Main Programme event of  TAB used to be known as Schools’ Exhibition. For TAB 2015, it will morph into a TAB-Lab Research and Development Exhibition, bringing together a selection of the most interesting technology companies matched to architecture schools for special projects. TAB-Lab is a great opportunity for any student interested in architecture to see, which architecture schools excel in which areas – it is really a sort of pocket-size exhibition fair. This exhibition is also an excellent opportunity for networking for students, teachers and professors.

Staged in Kultuurikatel, a magnificent 20th century industrial building in Tallinn harbour area, the TAB-Lab Research and Development Exhibition will explore what the next industrial revolution means for architecture and the built environment. New forms of production, exemplified by 3D printing, robotics, self assembling and smart materials, are radically changing the way we can build and dwell. Future environments of the “self-driven city” will be characterised by responsiveness and intensified transnational influences. All of this means that architects need to rethink the whole field “from the spoon to the city” – to use the words of Viennese architect Adolf Loos.

TAB-Lab will showcase cutting edge designs and processes. Furthermore, it will open a forum for both creative and critical discussion on the social, political, economic and human dimensions of the current systemic transition.

More info about TAB-LAB / Damiano Cerrone ja Helen Pau / TAB-Lab Research and Development Exhibition Curators / helen@spinunit.eu / damiano@spinunit.eu

More information about festival and TAB program / www.tab.ee