Organizer Graphics Department, Estonian Academy of Arts
748017th Tallinn Print Triennial | Youth exhibition: ‘Spheres’ Part II
01.06 - 20.07.18
12:00 - 17:00

Admission free. Open until Friday, 20 July 12:00-17:00.

17th Tallinn Print Triennial | Youth exhibition: ‘Spheres’ Part II

The programme of events accompanying the Tallinn Print Triennial has included youth and student exhibitions since 1998. The youth exhibition forming part of this year’s triennial, ‘Spheres’, is designed to investigate the situation in which people find themselves today, using a sphere as a conceptual metaphor. Philosopher and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk claims that spheres are hybrid, symbolic realities, co-existence spaces which are created using available resources and which enable people to exist as people. All of life takes place within protective membranes that offer us meaning and immunity.

There are three types of sphere. Bubbles are microspheres and the smallest units of social existence, formed by the dyadic relationships between two entities. Globes are all-encompassing macrospheres which seek to bring together in themselves all individual differences as a single whole. Foam is the fragile and multi-layered body of microspheres lying in parallel to one another horizontally and vertically. The bubbles within the foam are characterised by co-fragility: when one bubble bursts, it affects those surrounding it.

Artists contributing to exhibition: Valentin Alizer, Ann Pajuväli, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Irma Isabella Raabe, Kadi Reintamm, Elina Saat, Kristina Mirjam Villand and S3+A1 (Delija Thakur, Helga Aliis Saarlen, Elise Roos & Patrik Olejňák)

Curators: Eve Kask & Oliver Laas

Designer: Delija Thakur | Graphic designer: Kerli Virk

Creative Hub working group: Kaspar Aasrand, Emilia Furs, Tõnis Laurson, Sidney Lepp, Riin Maide, Oskar Poll, Carl Kristian Johannes Suvanto, Raimond Varik and Stefani Vissel

With thanks to: Hooandja crowdfunding platform, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts (Department of Photography, Gallery, Graphics Department, Department of Interior Architecture, Foreign Relations Department and student council), Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, French Institute in Estonia, Art Allmägi, Kaie Anderson, Isaline Catteau, Karmen Eller, Rein Erdel, Quentin Fort, Birgit Israel, Martin Jõela, Laur Kivistik, Jaan Kompus, Krõõt Kukkur, Max Kroonmann, Eeros Lees, Lauri Lest, Minni Tang, Marko Nautras, Kristi Niit, Laura Nõmmik, Linda Mägi, Lucas Pastor, Mihkel Pogga, Urmas Puhkan, Alar & Marju Raabe, Martin Riimak, Quentin Saintpierre, Liis Selder, Liina Siib, Caroline Solievna, Elnara Taidre, Gregor & Christin Taul, Monika Thakur, Nele Marie Tiidelepp, Tarmo Tilsen, Avo Tragel, Martiina Viil, Kersti Villand, Tormi Voksepp and Kadi-Maarja Võsu


Admission is free of charge. The exhibition is open from 12:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.