Organizer Tjuun In, Gram-Of-Fun, Wromd, Pada
7797Tjuun In @ Pada – Brookes Brothers (UK)
10.08 - 11.08.18
23:00 - 05:00

Tickets at the door! Tickets €8 (FB Attending before midnight). €10 for everyone after midnight. Skip-the-queue tickets €20.

Tjuun In @ Pada – Brookes Brothers (UK)

August will see drum & bass masters the Brookes Brothers playing at Pada.

There will be music in two rooms:

Club room
Brookes Brothers (UK)
Yohan (WROMD)
Residents: To-Sha/Qba/L.Eazy (Tjuun In, R2)

Small room
Jaan Jaago
Raul Ojamaa
Kostja Tsõbulevski

One of the most respected production partnerships in drum & bass, the Brookes Brothers have become a formidable force across the bass scene. Known for their unique soul- and disco-infused beats, they are one of the genre’s most accomplished production teams.

Since releasing their first single in 2005 on Danny Wheeler’s W10 Records, the Brookes Brothers have become a staple on the drum & bass scene and made their Viper debut all the way back in 2006 as the 8th single ever released on the label with Someone/Promise. In 2008 this was hotly followed by their chart-topping single Tear You Down, which spent two weeks on top of the UK Dance Chart and 15 weeks in the top 20.

After signing exclusively to Viper in 2013, the Brookes Brothers released more chart-topping singles, including Carry Me On (dubbed the ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe) and Anthem, which made it onto the BBC.

Six years after their first album was released on Fresh and Adam F’s Breakbeat Kaos label, the Brookes Brothers have returned with their long-awaited sophomore LP, Orange Lane, another masterpiece that showcases the brothers’ unmatched musicality and diversity.

The album features a variety of vocalists, including the soulful ShezAr and smooth rap breakdown of Bossman Birdie complementing the empowering sounds of Flashing Lights, while industry favourite Charlotte Haining lends her grace and charm to Waiting Right Here and Pierre Da Silva adds a warmth to the acoustic sounds of Times of Trouble and album closer We Got Love.

Tracks like Movin’ On, All About You and So Many Times gave us a taste of classic Brookes Brothers funk- and soul-driven drum & bass, while the opening track The One (feat ShockOne) engulfs us in a wall of bass and steel pans to start the album off.

Combining soul, funk, disco and a whole lot more in a way no one else can, the Brookes Brothers have truly reached new heights with this LP. Orange Lane is destined to be a modern classic.

Doors open at 23:00.

You must be at least 18 years old to enter.