13910TMW 2021: Opening night
19:00 - 21:45

TMW 2021: Opening night

In cooperation with Eesti Kontsert the opening night concert will feature the world premiere of composer Liisa Hõbepappel’s new work “You Are a Continent, My Dear”. The piece will be performed by Trio ‘95, the recently crowned winner of the international piano chamber music competition “Tallinn 2021”. The trio will also perform “The Dream Servants” by Tõnu Kõrvits.

The celebration also features the first ever live performance of the Estonian-US-Danish collaboration “Themes For Great Cities: Tallinn”, performed by Jonas Kaarnamets, Erki Pärnoja, Jonas Bjerre of Mew fame, and the US musicologist Alex Maiolo.

The evening will conclude with the presentation of Sander Mölder’s new album TIKS086. Taking the stage with Mölder are the guitarist Frederik Küüts and bassist Siim Avango, as well as the singers Daniel Levi, Stefan, Marie Vaigla, Yasmyn and Jon Hazel from Estonia, Aron Blom and EZEE from Sweden, and Emily Roberts from Germany. The festival will be opened by President Kersti Kaljulaid, CEO of Telia Estonia Robert Pajos, and TMW founder and Head of Strategy Helen Sildna

The TMW opening night is also accessible with the Supporter Pass and PRO Pass, available at the TMW web shop shop.tmw.ee. The Festival Pass does not provide access to the first half of the opening night. Separate tickets are available for Sander Mölder’s album presentation in the Cauldron Hall, and all TMW passes provide access to the concert: Festival Pass, Supporter Pass, and PRO Pass.