Organizer Tallinn Music Week
6517TMW Creative Impact Conference 2018
06.04 - 07.04.18
10:00 - 17:00
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TMW Creative Impact Conference 2018


Future of Music, New Economy, Better Cities & Design Thinking


The TMW CREATIVE IMPACT CONFERENCE is our expression of an integrated world. Our aim is to present a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional approach across the economy, creativity, politics and civic initiative.

Creativity as a driving force in the new economy and innovation will form the framework of the conference. Among the burning issues we will examine and discuss are the interplay of culture, creativity, city planning and design thinking, the role of public space and social inclusion and the state of gender politics in music and other industries.

Besides discussions and inspirational stories about innovation across industries, we will be offering curated music industry networking and hands-on workshops.

The opening address at the conference will be given by Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid.

The TMW 2017 conference featured an impressive list of 112 speakers – from game- changing entrepreneurs to influential pop culture auteurs and visionaries from different sectors and continents.

TMW 2018 topics

*Taking an integrating approach to society’s development with creativity as a driving force *Innovation, future industries and skills

*Sustainable development goals

*An inclusive society based on strong communities, equal opportunities, diversity and activism

*People-driven cities and neighbourhoods and design thinking for human-centred solutions

*Kids and young people

The first batch of speakers has already been unveiled: www.tmw.ee/conference/speakers-2018/