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Pada opens its season with shows of Argo Vals and Kebu
Pada, the summer garden for cultural events, will open its season with two shows on Friday, 9 June. Local musician Argo Vals and Kebu from Finland will perform. After the…
Lenna ja Estonian Voices
Telia and VV Productions invite: Lenna and Estonian Voices’ “Ootab armastus” summer concerts   Wed 2 August at 20 in Tallinn Culture Hub Garden Thu 3 August at 20 in…
SUME Summer Festival: Youngr [UK] / NOËP
The night starts with live electronic concerts and continues with house and techno music from midnight. The main act is Youngr from the UK, whose hit “Out of My System”…
Maapealne paradiis (Paradise on Earth)
Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Krumm, Liina Vahtrik & a band featuring Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar), Tõnis Kivisild (bass), Madis Muul (keyboards) and Hans Kurvits (drums) “Rock’n’roll is paradise on earth…” sang Genialistid…
Yo!Pada x S Ä M P L E R
3 albums, 2 stages… 1 pada   Live: 5MIINUST – presentation of the EP Rämmar Kozinak (Hanf Kung) – presentation of the LP It Is What It Is   DJ:…
Mutant Disco vs Haigla Pidu 2017
Two gangs that have ****ed each other well and hard for all their lives will meet! What will happen when they get together? two halls THE BANG HALL house, techno,…
HOME Studio Grime Cypher // EYEZ /UK/ // Vaiper Despotin /LT/
HOME STUDIO & DIRECT FUTURE PRESENTS:  EYEZ (UK) / GRIME CYPHER VOL 3 / VAIPER DESPOTIN (LT) On 10 June, PADA will be taken over by two very different but…
Season Opening Party 2017 at PADA!
SEASON OPENING PARTY AT PADA!(Kalasadama 6, Tallinn)   Live CONCERT! 20:00-22:00 KEBU (FIN) ARGO VALS   DJs INDOORS from 23:00 Small Hall HEIDY PURGA (Must Mesi) WIDENSKI (Disco Tallinn) ERKIN…
Painting Exhibition Opening
Graduates of the two-year classical painting course at the open academy of the Estonian Academy of Arts, LOLA TEHVER EVE KRUUSE PIRET KOLGA HELINA MENNING Open their PAINTING EXHIBITION on…
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